Statistical Analysis On Coaching Psychology

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States the statistical analysis used to answer research questions
The researchers state the method used for analysis to answer the research questions. The researchers used meta-analysis to answer the research questions because they drew their data from different published research articles (Haan, & Duckworth, 2008). Meta-analysis allows the researcher to combine results from different studies in order to focus on their contrast. The analysis technique enables a scholar to understand the sources of disagreement among different results and the interesting relationships that emerge from a series of studies or multiple independent studies. In this case, the scholars used previous independent studies on coaching psychology and performed a meta-analysis on the findings in order to establish solutions for their research questions.
Indicates how the data collected from the instruments were scored
The scholars fail to indicate the methods and instruments used to collect data. The researchers only indicate the findings from the data collection process, which indicates that individuals have varying preferences for coaching. In this scenario, the reader cannot establish whether the previous researchers used the best evidence synthesis (Goertz, & Mahoney, 2012). One pitfall of meta-analysis is that although the data may appear appealing, it does not justify poor research design. Therefore, without proof of how the data from the previous studies was collected one cannot entirely rely on
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