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We first examined statics from statistical analysis website for IT industry– statcounter. The result of the most popular OSs can refer to Fig. 1. The result shows that Windows 7 was the most popular OS from October 2014 to October 2015. The next most popular six operating systems were Windows 8.1, WinXP (WinXP had no longer renewed by the time this paper was writing), Mac OS X, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Linux. In order to confirm our finding, we further analyzed statistical data from another web company – netmarketshare. It is a website that could provide users the market share of different operating systems, web browsers etc. The result for different operating systems of their market share from October 2014 to October 2015 was shown in fig. 2. (For more information about the statistical results, please refer to their websites: for our first figure and for our second figure). According to the statistics above, we can see that Microsoft’s Windows, Apple’s Mac OS and Linux are the most popular operating systems today. Because there are many similarities for different versions of Window operating systems, we will only choose the highest market share version — Windows 7 for analysis in this paper. The same situation goes for Mac OS X 10.10 and Mac OS X 10.9. We will merge these two versions into one more general OS — Mac OS X for the following analysis. The last operating system widely used today is Linux, which is

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