Statistical Assessment Of Individual Player Contributions

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Statistical Assessment of Individual Player Contributions in the NBA The National Basketball Association (NBA) generates billions of dollars every year in revenue, when the income from its various endorsements is factored in that number becomes even more astronomical. Not only does the NBA generate billions of dollars every year, but also individual players earn contracts well into the millions of dollars. This makes the NBA one of the biggest organizations in the world. The importance of determining the player performance of the plyers is not only important essential in determining for setting their salaries, but it also is importanplays a major role t to for the general managers and owners of the teams. The economic impact of this organization has far reaching consequences due to the various fields it is involved in. Consequently, there are a corresponding amount of rewards for the teams and players performing best. Being able to predict which players and teams will perform best is invaluable. Academically speaking, saber metrics is a field of statistical analysis gaining in use among professional teams in various sports. Developing a new version of PER is important for statistical analysis for various situations because the current model is not adjusted for all situations (last 5 minutes, passing for assist, close game situations). This model will consist of trying to determine which variables contribute to or correlate withthe PER and from this hereafter,we can
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