Statistical Handling Data Coursework on High School Students

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Statistical Handling Data Coursework: High School For this handling statistical data coursework I will be investigating the heights and weights of students of years 7 to 11 in High School. Although this is a fictitious school the data is based on a real school. I will look for a trend in the heights and weights of the students to see if the taller they are, the more they weigh. This is my hypothesis. My Null hypothesis is that there is no correlation between height and weight, and my Alternative hypothesis is that there is strong, positive correlation between them. I will then investigate the heights of boys in years 7 and compare them to the girls, and then do the same in year 11. I will then be able to compare these two sets…show more content…
Height and weight is continuous data so only some graphs and calculations can be done. I have decided to select a sample size of 100 students because 1183 students are too many. I won’t be able to compare the data well since I will have such a wide range of results. I also won’t be able to fit all the information on one graph or one box-plot making the comparison even more difficult. I will be able to cope with 100 students’ heights and weights better. In order to get a sample of 100 students, I will take a stratified sample of each year group, and then of each gender within the year groups. I will use stratified sampling because using this I can get a fair sample that is proportional and to the ratio of the original number of students within each year group out of the whole school. Once I have my stratified sample of each year group, I will use random sampling to choose which of the students I will take my data from. This is a fair way of sampling due to the fact that there will be no biased decision as to who is picked for their data. The following data is what I will use in order to take a stratified sample of 100 students: Year Group Number of Boys Number of Girls Total 7 151 131 282 8 145 125 270 9 118 143 261 10 106 94 200 11 84 86 170 Total 604 579 1183 To take a stratified sample of the year groups I will do the following calculations: Year Group Calculation Total (answer) 7 (282/1183) x 100 = 24 8 (270/1183)
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