Statistical Process Control Charts

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1 Introduction
A control chart was invented in the early of 1920’s by Walter A. Shewart in the Bell Telephone Laboratories. In 1928 he was introduced the first Statistical Process Control Charts in the Bell Laboratories to improve the quality of telephones manufactured, he was developed a simple graphical method for the growing range of statistical process control charts (Montgomery,2010).
Quality of a product or services is defined as “its fitness for the use” for which it has been made. Many characteristics of a product determine the quality. They are called quality characteristics. Some of the quality characteristics are shape, weight, size, diameter, strength, colour, hardness, surface finish, reliability and appearance, etc.
In a manufacturing process, all the products will not be exactly a same. Quality will vary from piece to piece. That is, there will be variations in quality characteristics of products. The causes for these variations are found out and analysed. Suitable corrective action is to be taken to minimise the variations within certain limits. This is done to maintain the quality. Statistical quality control charts techniques are used to improvement the quality process in automobile parts manufacturing company.
Quality is a concept of several meanings, subjective and individual to the interpreter. When mentioning that something is of a certain quality, it is assumed and associated to be good in some way. More generally, the definition of quality has
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