Statistical Quality Control

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Have you experienced purchasing a product then discovered that it is defective in some way or does not function the way it was designed to, or found that a piece of the product is missing or defective. As consumers, we expect the products we purchase to function as intended. However, producers of products know that it is not always possible to inspect every product and every aspect of the production process at all times. The challenge is to design ways to maximize the ability to monitor the quality of products being produced and eliminate defects. (TQM) addresses organizational quality from managerial viewpoints focusing on customer-driven quality standards, managerial leadership, continuous improvement, quality built into
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The personnel responsible for process selection must be cognizant of the effect of quality characteristic variances on the quality of the product.
This process, developed by Dr. Taguchi, Robust design, which is based upon loss function, Process capability analysis, which is an important step for selection of processes for manufacture of the components and the product, Process capability analysis cannot be completed without ascertaining that the process is in control. The effect of measurement error should also be taken into consideration. Emphasis is given to modeling of errors, estimation of error variances, and the effect of measurement errors on decisions related to quality. After process selection is completed, optimal means for obtaining the quality characteristics must be determined; the emphasis is on the methodologies used and the development of objective functions and solution procedures used by various researchers. The next step in the methodology is process setting, in which the actual process mean is brought as close as possible to the optimal value determined earlier. Once the process setting is completed, manufacture of the components can begin. During the entire period of manufacture, the mean and variance of the process must be kept at their respective target values, which are accomplished, through process control, using control charts. Design of experiments, can be used in any of the steps mentioned earlier. It serves as a
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