Statistical Report on the Effects of Self-Efficacy on Depression

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Introduction to self-efficacy Self-efficacy has been studied extensively since Albert Bandura first published his theory in 1977. In social situations, individuals have varying perceptions of their ability to successfully interact with others.(Bandura 1977) In other words, their self-efficacy beliefs reflect their level of social confidence (Bandura, 1977). The possession of strong self-efficacy beliefs has been related to positive outcomes in academic achievement, career choice and also to reduce levels of depression (Bandura, 1977). Self-efficacy is defined as a person’s internal ability to successfully meet the challenges that one faces (Bandura 1977). Bandura (1986) stated that self-efficacy is not the actual ability to complete tasks…show more content…
Bandura also stated the self-efficacy statements are not influenced by the desire to appear socially acceptable. This is due to a person gaining knowledge about his or her abilities, not based on thinking but on an evaluation of numerous past insistences of achievements or failures (Bandura, 1997). These achievements or failures for young adults are experienced mostly through school and various social interactions. Connection between Self-Efficacy and depression In addition, the association between social self-efficacy and depressive symptomatology has been well- established, describing individuals with higher levels of perceived social self-efficacy demonstrating lower levels of depression and self-esteem has been demonstrated to have a moderate, positive correlation with social self-efficacy (Smith & Betz, 2002). These psychological adjustment variables are also interrelated, with higher levels of self-esteem being associated with reduced levels of both depressive symptomatology and loneliness (Ouellet & Joshi, 1996). The relationship between social self-efficacy and psychological adjustment has implications for the treatment of mental health issues because it suggests that an increase in social self-efficacy can increase levels of self-esteem and reduce levels of depression and
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