Statistical Research in Psychology

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Statistical Research in Psychology
Tiffany Fisher
GEN 315

Many students, including myself, are unaware how important statistics can be to the research process in Psychology. In this report, I will discuss the method used to perform researches as well as the forms of data used through statistic in Psychology. This will include the advantages and disadvantages of each form used.
Many studying Psychology might be shocked that statistics is a requirement. It is vital to understand statistics and how it relates when performing research. Many methods have been developed when researching a subject, most commonly known and used is the scientific method. The scientific method is a four-step process to ensure accuracy
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In some cases, primary data is the only form of data available. On the other hand, primary data requires additional time so time management is vital. Also, a large amount of resources are required, a high amount of labor is also required, and often collecting primary data can be cumbersome requiring some amount of skills. Primary data is a good source due to its reliability, focus, and significant amount of control of information. (Hossain, 2012)
Secondary Data
Secondary data is collected from various sources and not collected directly from the researcher. Some examples of secondary data are books, magazines, websites, journals, and government publications. It is important to consider that since this data is collected from other sources that the focus may be swayed and may fail to meet all objectives in the current study. Secondary data is helpful due to the fewer resources required as well as being more time efficient. Having many resources also provide reliability and assist in comparing and understanding the data. It is more difficult to ensure the accuracy of the data collected as well as difficult to find information related to the current study. Additional carefulness is required to ensure the characteristics match the current study. (Hossain, 2012)
Each research should have a basis on how the process is performed to ensure that the conclusion and information learned is accurate and appropriate.
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