Statistical Significance of a Study: Development of a Health Model for Older Adults

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Statistical Significance of a Study: Development of the model of health for older adults
What statistical procedures are mentioned in the study? The research focused on the integration of various phases with the aim of achieving the goals and objectives in relation to the research questions. In the first phase, the research study integrated Statistical Packages for the Social Sciences (SPSS) Version 17.0. The main objective of this statistical analysis tool was to offer critical analysis to the quantitative evaluation results of the experts in the context of the advisory panel (Chen et al, 2011). The research study also focuses on the integration of descriptive statistics in relation to the mean and standard deviation in illustration of the consensus of the experts in the case of the proposed health indicators. The researcher focused on the incorporation of the revised, analyzed, and summarized qualitative suggestions into the health indicator list. In the second phase, the researcher focused on the inclusion of a diverse statistical analysis tool. This is because of the integration of reflective and formative indicators in the structure equation model and the sample of about 55 subjects. This made it ideal for the researcher to use VisuaIPLS software with the aim of conducting Partial Least Square analysis for the execution of essential measures in accordance with the proposed indicators in Phase I. In addition, the tool was critical in testing for the statistical
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