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Statistical Thinking in Health Care Case Study 1 Week 4 Mat 510- Business Statistics November 1, 2015 With information from the case we will attempt to address some explanations to the issue of medication errors being dispensed at HMO pharmacy. A dispensing error is a discrepancy between a prescription and the medicine that the pharmacy delivers to the patient or distributes to the ward on the basis of this prescription, including the dispensing of a medicine with inferior pharmaceutical or informational quality shows the categories of dispensing errors. If dispensing errors are considered from the perspective that the quality of all pharmacy care activities should be assured by the pharmacist, this list can be extended by…show more content…
(Gara, Steven, 2013) SIPOC ------------------------------------------------- Supplier Inputs Process Outputs Customers Patient Prescription Medication Patient Doctor Telephone Dosage Computer Advice Printer Bill Drug Directory Causes of dispensing errors can be traced by root-cause analysis or by inquiring with practicing pharmacists by means of a survey. Root-cause analysis comes closer to reality, because a survey measures on the perceptions and opinions of pharmacists. An example of the former type was a study in a UK hospital in which the researchers used semi structured interviews of pharmacy staff about self-reported dispensing errors (Anacleto, T.A., Perini, Rosa, Cesar, 2007) The complex interactions of variations in materials, tools, machines, operators, and the environment are not easily understood. Variation due to any of these individual sources appears at random; individual sources cannot be identified or explained. However, their combined effect is stable and can usually be predicted statistically. These common causes of variation are factors that are present as a natural part of a process. The remaining variation in a process is the result of special causes which arise from external sources that are not inherent in the process. (Hisson, Amy) Although rates of dispensing errors are generally low,

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