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Statistical Tools & Methods: The main statistical tools that will be used to perform my analysis are the Microsoft Excel data analysis Tool Pak and an online calculator for a t-test. I will run a regression analysis and an ANOVA test. Excel is the best tool to use because the data that has been given is quantitative not qualitative. The data that the teams are given in the case study appears to be units used/sold and manufactured and this is good data to import into Excel. The only variable that is present is the year, quarter, or month that the units were sold/produced in. In this case study the given data would fall in the category of a time series because the sales figures increased over the time (years). Also in reviewing the data there is seasonal variation in the sales figures from 2006 to 2008. This category of data can be analyzed using time series methodologies. The next year’s data or projected data is dependent on the previous year’s data, so time series analysis is appropriate. When looking at the problem that A-CAT is facing we see either overstocking or under stocking transformers. Over stocking causes capital to be tied up in the inventory. Under stocking causes A-CAT to be unable to deliver order quickly. I chose to use ANOVA and a regression analysis so that I could establish definitively if the transformers required is dependent or independent on the sales of refrigerators and by how much does the sales of refrigerators influence the number of

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