Statistics Anova Testing

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Introduction In order to test the adverse reactions of the drug called Xynamine (a new drug designed to lower pulse rates) must be tested for their effectiveness and the drug is tested only for males. Here, the treatment groups are divided into 3 categories they were placebo group (no treatment), 10-mg treatment group and 20-mg treatment group. Thus, the analysis test result is carried out using the technique of one-way analysis of variance ANOVA (Analysis of Variance - single factor). Assumptions of ANOVA The assumptions of ANOVA are: Observations were randomly and independently chosen from the populations, population distributions are normal for each group; and population variances are equal for all groups.…show more content…
Hence, we fail to reject the null hypothesis and conclude that all the mean scores are equal. That is there is no significant difference in three different groups with respect to their pulse rate. Comparison of post treatment pulse rate to the mean pulse rate for adult males: The comparison is carried out by using single mean test as shown below: Null Hypothesis: H0: = 70 beats per minute That is, the mean pulse rate of adult males is not significantly different from 70 beats per minute Alternative Hypothesis: H1: < 70 (One tail – Left tail test) That is, the mean pulse rate of adult males is significantly less than 70 beats per minute. Test statistic: Since the population standard deviation is known, we can test the above hypothesis by large sample test (Z-test) as follows: Z = Let the level of significance: = 0.05 Critical value: The critical value of Z, at α = 0.05 level of significance is –1.6449 zα = z0.05 = –1.6449 (By referring normal distribution table) The critical region is given by C =
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