Statistics Experiment Essay

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Statistics Experiment

For my maths coursework I will be conducting an investigation into statistics. I had a choice for this coursework of both statistics on year 10 to 11 school children, and facts about them and also their likes in terms of sport and subjects at school. I chose not to do this project on that information; instead I chose data on 100 different cars, the reason for this is that I like cars more and may perhaps pursue it as a career. I did not want to do a project on data that I have no interest in.

The 100 different cars have data under the following headings, Car number in order from 1 to 100, the make of the car, the price when new of the car, the current second hand price,
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For my coursework I will be hopefully conducting a total of 3 different investigations into this survey, though this may change to 2 or 4. My aim is to look for a correlation in the separate investigations and perhaps if I can draw any conclusions or maybe find a formula or prediction for a particular investigation that will work for all or most cars. E.g. if from mileage, price when new and age I can calculate the current second hand price.

My investigation will be:

The frequency of mileage in my sample, if there is a relationship between the second hand price and age of a car, and finally if there is relationship between the age and percentage loss of a car.

I will be taking a sample of 20 cars; I will take every 5th car in the database. I will show the data in terms of tables, a tally chart, and by way of bar, and scatter graphs with a line of best fit if applicable.

To improve my investigation I will take a sample of 5 cars, which will not be included in my final investigation, but this 5 car sample is to test my investigation techniques, and to allow me to foresee and problems and practise in investigating statistics.

I will not be able to take all 100 cars and will have to do my investigations on different samples of the survey, I hope to take 1/5 of the cars, and I will do my investigations on 20 cars. I

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