Statistics Of Clinton County, Iowa

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When you the evaluate statistics of Clinton County, Iowa, you can infer the various styles of living and economic classes of these areas. In Clinton County, Iowa, the middle class has an annual income between $33,300 and $99,401. As I walked down the streets of Cobblestone Estates in DeWitt, Iowa and driving through the trailer parks on the outskirts of DeWitt, it is clear to examine the differences between these two neighborhoods. The three central differences fall into the categories of economic differences, personal identities, and outdoor appearance’s. Cobblestone Estates, has immense homes where families with much higher incomes reside, compared to the trailer parks, where families have very low income compared the wealthier families.…show more content…
With these homes being manufactured in industrial shops, they are constructed fairly quickly and can be shipped to a location on one semi-trailer. The doublewide trailers require a little more effort to obtain. Doublewide homes begin at 1,067 square feet and can reach up to 2,300 square feet. These homes have a width of 20 feet or more and can reach an astonishing 90 feet long. Although they can get quite large, the most common size is 56 feet long and 26 feet wide. This totals out to be around 1,456 square feet. Unfortunately, with these homes being wider they have to be shipped as two separate units and are jointed together seamlessly to create a double wide home. These homes can be shipped onto the site very quickly and at a low cost compared to constructing a larger home built in a subdivision. After some research conducted on the U.S. Census Bureau website, I found the average new home built in 2015 had a square footage of 2,467. Even though these statistics are the average house size in the Midwest in 2015, Cobblestone Estates holds houses well over the median square footage in the Midwest. All of this information within the economic differences category because wealthier families tend to relocate to upper class neighborhoods, compared to lower class families moving to trailer parks. Although Cobblestone includes homes larger than the average sized home, this does not mean they are necessarily wealthier than than the inhabitants in
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