Statistics Report - Effective Self-Studying Time

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HANOI UNIVERSITY FALCULTY OF MANAGEMENT AND TOURISM -----------------------------oOo----------------------------- EFFECTIVE SELF-STUDYING TIME Tutor: Ms. Kim Anh Students: Hà Hải Ninh Vũ Đức Tuấn Nguyên Thị Nga Nguyễn Thị Hằng Từ Thị Hường Nguyễn Thị Tuyết Mai Nguyễn Thị Hương Giang Tut: 07 (Tuesday 2:25pm-4:30pm)…show more content…
Methodology Population and sample Our research paper mentions all FSD students in 2009, however we randomly choose 50 (including 25 students coming from group A and 25 is group D) representing as sample size. Questionnaire design. The questionnaire consists of 5 questions designed under the shape of multiple choices. 1. Which group were you in when you were in FSD students? 2. When you studied at FSD how much time did you spend on self-studying in a day? 3. In case of self-studying more than 3 hours with FSD’s timetable did you feel stresses?( except for interesting subject, in your opinion) 4. With the time you spent on self-studying above, had you done all your homework also widened your knowledge? 5. After 3 terms at FSD, what is your GPA (grade point average)? The purpose of the first question is to classify the level of knowledge of English. In such way, FSD students have opportunities to choose how many hours they should spend on studying. The next question gives information about the amount of self-studying time they spend every day. And subsequently, we evaluate the degree of stress in case of over studying and the level of knowledge they get in the third and the fourth question respectively. The questionnaire ended by the academic performance after 3 terms of FSD students. Through these questions, we reach a
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