Statistics and Lies

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Statistics Taken Out Of Context There are statistics of any topic you can think of. Nine out of ten people say this. Such and such percent approve or disapprove of this product. But, are these statistics true? Or, did someone twist the statistics around so we may believe them? Either way the more statistics are fed to people the more people believe them. In the article, it was explained how statistics were taken out of context for drugs that are tested on animals. The author takes statistics such as, “92% of drugs fail in clinical trials, having successfully passed through animal studies” and shows where the true statistic came from. (Lovell-Badge, 3013) The author takes the statistic and backs it up with facts. I was indeed…show more content…
You see every three months that the rate rises and falls and the people in the White House are either praised or bashed. The truth with the unemployment statistic is if you are not actively seeking work, you are not included in the unemployment statistic. That is really misleading. While we are thinking that the economy is getting better, it actually is not. The rate is actually falling because people stopped looking for work. Are statistics important? Yes, they are. Some people do lie about statistics to make their point come across better. It is our job to dig for the truth in the matter. People love numbers and the numbers used in statistics grab people’s attention. It can either make your point come across in a positive way or a negative way. Both ways the point is getting across and whatever product or study that uses statistics is getting some sort of advertisement. Whether the advertisement used is good or bad. Works Cited Bouckley, B. (2011, November 29). Beverage Daily. Retrieved from Lovell-Badge, R. (3013, January 23). Speaking of Research. Retrieved from
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