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What is the statue of Winchester?

The Statute of Winchester was written in 1285. It indicated a breakdown in the traditional system of law enforcement and peacekeeping. Essentially, the statute of Winchester provided the legislative basis for law enforcement in England. the statue Reaffirmed the position of a constable and empowered “urban” constables to draft citizens as unpaid watchmen.
During the 13th century, England was going through substantial social change. With the social change, the cities became larger and less organized by shared experiences and family power and were replaced by urban living. The shift from a rural society to a commercial, industrial, urban and the decline of the constable created a new innovation called watchmen.
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Watchmen used illegal and disruptive behavior to gain order maintenance and control. The duty of the watchmen was to provide support to the constable. The watchmen arrested those who were violating the law or disturbing the peace. these men would follow the watch and ward system calling out anything strange and pursuing the criminals. The watch and ward was the first organized attempt at policing. It consisted of a system. The hue and cry were established during this time, requiring citizens to come to aid watchmen calling for help. The people that did not come to aid watchmen during a hue and cry, where considered accomplices and punished as criminals. Watchman style policing places an emphasis on violations of law and relies on threats of arrest or actual arrests. Think of it as strict enforcement of criminal law. The watchman style of policing can be compared to the Los Angeles police officers who took part in the beating of Rodney King, while some officers took part in disciplining other just

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