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Status Quo: Gabby 's mom is a vet at a local aquarium she started to swim at the age of five she was introduced to the ocean at a very young age she is the caption on her high school varsity swim team she helps her mother at the aquarium She had a little brother Shawn, who is 8 and comes with her everywhere Call to Adventure/start with the conflict: my little brother, Shawn and I was walking along a beach in Miami after school, still in our uniforms and had our backpacks on our backs. It was at low tide the sand was all wet and there were pools of water all along. Shawn was picking up shells and putting them in his pocket or throwing them at the segals above. “Why has the ocean been so low today,” sawn asked still picking up shells…show more content…
I throw my backpack down on my bed and sat down at my desk with the bottle. I opened the bottle and inside of the bottle was a note with a necklace that had a shell charm. the note was from a turtle Dear, Gabby we are having a major problem in the sea right now. You may have noticed the ocean water levels have been going done lately. there is a big hole on the ocean floor which is causing a whirlpool. the nucleus that I gave you will allow you to breath under water. from Dr.T Dr.T was an injured turtle that was at SeaWorld this summer. Shawn and I took care of him and named him Dr. T. we released him back into the ocean a few weeks ago. But this cannot be real, turtles can 't talk, they can 't right, how could this be possible. I just shook it off and put on the nucleus. after studying for 3 hours, I went to bed Assistance (How he/she gets trained and how he/she gets the talisman) I woke up the next morning and got ready to head to SeaWorld because I promised my mom I would help her train some new baby beluga whales that were born a few days ago. I walked down stairs to see Shawn eating a bowl of lucky charms “well you 're up early” I said as I clipped the sea shell I got a few days early that week. he just looked up from his serial and rolled his eyes. I eat breakfast, we soon left the house and went to sea world. our mom was waiting
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