Status Quo - Original Writing

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Status Quo:
Gabby 's mom is a vet at a local aquarium she started to swim at the age of five she was introduced to the ocean at a very young age she is the caption on her high school varsity swim team she helps her mother at the aquarium
She had a little brother Shawn, who is 8 and comes with her everywhere

Call to Adventure/start with the conflict:

my little brother, Shawn and I was walking along a beach in Miami after school, still in our uniforms and had our backpacks on our backs. It was at low tide the sand was all wet and there were pools of water all along. Shawn was picking up shells and putting them in his pocket or throwing them at the segals above.
“Why has the ocean been so low today,” sawn asked still picking up shells and trying to keech the little fish in the little pool
“I don’t know it been like this for a while now,” I said sitting down on the hot tinted yellow sand. It has been at low tide for days now but every day it goes out further. we continued down the beach, you could see the tide go out even more over time that day. It was around five when we finally went home while we were walking home I could hear the little shells breaking in Shawn’s pocket. we got home and I got the mail but all we got was a discolored bottle with my name on it. I walked into the house with the bottle in my hand
“hey sweetie, What that” mom asked and pointed at the bottle. I look down at it hand to hand it to her “Okay” she added as she looked at the bottle
“I 'm going…
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