Status Report – Bu 2799 Business Management Capstone Project

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Status Report – BU 2799 Business Management Capstone Project BU 2799: Business Management Capstone Project Raymond Joseph (18598631) Dr. Mitchell ITT Technical Institute 23 February 2016 Status Report John Deere (Deere & Company) Company Background and Business Model The items that I have completed for the Business Management Capstone Project as of February 23, 2016, include many components. First, I have included the name of the business that I will be discussing for the project. The name of the company that I will be discussing is John Deere. The company was founded almost 200 years ago (In 1837) in Moline, IL. The current CEO of the company is Samuel R. Allen. The current stock price for John Deere (Deere & Company) (NYSE:…show more content…
The company’s income statement had total revenues ranging in the $30 Billion range (Yahoo! Finance). Also, John Deere’s Balance Sheet performance for 2015 had a good number of assets (almost $60 Billion) and a reasonable amount of liabilities (about $51 Billion). Its net tangible assets were positive for 2015, as it generated a healthy profit of almost $6 Billion profit. This performance is considered good, according to its industry benchmarks, and among other companies classified as large market cap stocks. Not to be outdone, the company’s Statement of Cash Flow held a net income of almost $2 Billion for 2015, which is a relatively good performance for the company. Company Stock Seventh, I have discussed the information concerning John Deere’s stock. The stock is publicly traded. It is also listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the symbol “DE”. John Deere’s stock (NYSE: DE) has traded in a relatively stable and constant range over the last five years. The greatest that the company has fluctuated over the past five (5) years has been around $17.00. The highest price that the company stock has been over that date range has been about $99.80 (its peak or highest stock price). This occurred during March 31, 2011 (Yahoo! Finance, 2016). The lowest that John Deere’s stock price had been during that same five (5)-year period was $64.57 (this was its lowest point over the last five (5) years) (Yahoo! Finance, 2016). This low, or trough, point for

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