Status and Prospects of Science and Mathematics Education in the Philippines

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INTRODUCTION Science and Mathematics, two core subjects’ students must learn as foundation for the whole learning experience they’re going to have for almost a quarter of their life. Since education came into our country in the 1500s, Science and Mathematics (S&M) has gone a long way. And for the past several years, pupils of our country in a DepEd statement clarified that science had not been taught separately in Grades 1 and 2 since the 1980's, and that rudimentary science concepts were embedded in such subjects as languages and mathematics. The government is stepping up its efforts to upgrade the quality of Science and Mathematics (S&M) education in the country. S&M education has been facing a number of challenges these past decades,…show more content…
Science is taught as an integrated subject called, “Science and Health” because it is believed that skills and concepts taught in Science complement the lessons in Health.” While it is true that health and medical science seem to have parallelism with that of empirical science does not necessarily mean that we really have to focus our, concern on health in teaching science at the elementary level, on the contrary science (empirical science) must become the foundation of Health Education. Mixed up mind setting seems to overwhelm the Education Specialist for Science and Mathematics (EPS) along with other key officials of the Department of Education’s Central Office in devising and implementing science and mathematics curriculum alike at the elementary level itself. Thus, it results to tremendous trouble in its implementation on the field and the pragmatic results on the learning of each pupil being catered in the elementary level. Although, one must also admit that many distinguished learned lessons in the country experienced the same in their elementary schooling and have found themselves to be successful educators, doctors, among other experts in various fields of endeavor in this country and abroad. Thus, one can claim that it works for them. However, proper is proper and must not be substituted with dangerous experimental concepts and procedures by the curriculum designers. Another issue is that non major teaching is nowadays prevalent in

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