Status of Women in Manipur

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By: Ngangom Joyshree Devi
Guest Lecturer, The Imphal College, Manipur, India.

The Meities (Manipuris dwelling in the valley region) are patrilineal and both patrilicol and virilocal. The society is governed by a highly organised administrative system existing from very ancient times. The history of Manipur is a revealing role of the people’s love for independence. In such a society, women not only brought a human element into the masculine world of justice and law, but they also wield considerable political power which influences state politics. Esteem for women is patent in traditional judicial system where women controlled their legal affairs and women were exempt from capital punishment. To
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In retaliation Major Maxwell, the political agent, ordered a corvee (free labour) from the people to rebuild the house. Women gathered by the thousands and agitated against this Government decision. The unrest went so far that the crowd had to be dispersed by force and the government withdrew its order. In 1925 there was another widespread agitation against the government for the imposition of a water tax. In 1939, trades-women again organised a massive demonstration against the official policy of exporting rice. Thousands of women from all over the valley gathered in the capital to protest against the Government approval of unlimited export of rice outside Manipur by non-Manipuri merchants. At that time, Manipur was on the verge of a famine. Women boycotted Khwairamband bazaar, the main market at Imphal. After failing in their repeated pleas to the administration, the women demonstrators confronted the Durbar which was in session. When demonstrators, who had gathered around the office, began shouting slogans – “Stop the export of rice immediately”, “Stop the export of rice mills” etc., the members of the Durbar fled through the back door. But Sharpe, the president of the Durbar, was immediately surrounded by the women and he had to face the agitators alone. The women went along with him to the telegraph office and confined him

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