Statutory Rape : A Legal Matter

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Statutory rape is a legal matter in which an individual has sexual intercourse with a minor. Although the statutory rape law is to protect any individual from being sexually abused by an older individual sexual assault is mainly geared towards protecting women. Even though having sex with a minor is illegal it is possible in some states to have sex with a minor with valid consent. If an individual is caught having sexual intercourse with a minor the penalties may result in serving time in a state penitentiary or a correctional facility. Statutory rape is patronizing to girls and recriminating to boys because, many individuals believe that girls do not have the mental composite to consent to sexual activities, but boys have uncontrollable sexual desires which is why most believe the male is the defendant in a statutory rape case.
When a statutory rape case is filed the law that the vicim is not capable of consenting to sexual activity assumes it. A statutory rape case may also be justified if an individual declined having sexual activity with the defendant. Although, a minor may consent to sexual activities the law states that a minor doesn’t have the right to consent to any unlawful activity. Statutory rape laws are not only for minors, but also to protect mentally impaired individuals who are at a lower mental age than their actual age. Although, the law confirms that the defendant is not required to be aware of the age of the victim an act of law can still occur with proof…
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