Statutory Rape Case Study

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Does men and women get the same protection under statutory rape laws? Based on the findings, I can say that there may have something wrong with criminal justice system itself. This might depend on the age of the person who was involved. For instance, I watched the movie “the boy next door” that the teacher got into relationship with a student. I am not going to go in deep about the movie, but the boy actually was old enough to the fact that himself was in love with that teacher. I believe though that no matter what age or gender, there should not be any sexual relationship between the teacher and the student she teaches. This can be found in the book of “code of ethics of the National Association of Social Workers.” A teacher is under this association and in that book, they talk about how to act professional. The teacher who took…show more content…
In this case sexual harassment occurring here is child abuse. So, the case is not only the rape, but taking advantage of those they tend to protect and educate. There might be something like if you don’t do this you will get a failing grade or I will fail you. Using the power in order to harass these kids is what I am looking at the most in this case. Another reason the law punishes these kinds of crimes seriously is that memory will remain in those kids’ mind. They are a lot more to it than just a rape.
This draws the lines to simply teenagers who having sex to people who are older than them. I think this also can be looked in couple different ways. One is, does rape occurred? and what relationship was between the two? This is to help us figure out whether force was used or age advantage was used. For example, in the of Michael M., I believe that even though the statutory rape law is defined to be sexual intercourse with a female who is not the wife when she is under 18 years, they both were on the same age range and that they should all been
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