Stax Music Academy Concert Report

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I cannot believe what my eyes have witnessed. On February 24, 2017, I had the opportunity to volunteer and to witness a Stax Music Academy concert. Every year in February, the Stax Music Academy pays tribute to legendary music artist by performing some of the most iconic songs that were sung during the late 50’s - early 90’s. This year, the Stax Music Academy did an R&B concert based on the Stax Volt tour, which included people like, Otis Redding, The Barkays, The Staple singers, and more. This concert was sold out, and the crowd really enjoyed themselves. To start off, the decorations were mind blowing. When I first walked into the Mingle Wood Hall, the room was filled with golden albums hanging from the ceiling. The stage was also decorated…show more content…
At the very beginning of the show, the instrumentalist started the show off with the Booker T & the M. G’s greatest hit, “Green Onions.” Now this song is an instrumental piece, so there is no lyrics. However, the organ player is playing the role of the vocalist in the song. The tempo stays at 125 the whole time. The form of the song was: 16 bar intro, 12 bar verse, 12 bar verse, 12 chorus, 12 bar guitar solo, 12 bar verse, vamp. Another song that I really loved was, “Try a Little Tenderness”, by Otis Redding. The tempo is very slow in the beginning. Then, as the song begins to play, the tempo begins to speed up to the vamp, where the tempo is fast. The song starts off with: an intro with the horns, then 16 bar verse, another 16-bar verse, 16 bar bridge, 16 bar verse, then the vamp. Now both songs were done under Stax records, so it had a nice rocky smooth sound to the music. Now even though the show was great, there were a few things that could have been better. To start off, the student could have rehearsed some more, because a few students looked as if they had no idea what they were doing. Not only that, but they could have also been more involved with the
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