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The Enjoyable Stay at the City Up North It was the most exciting day of my life. One joyful August morning, my family was driving us to the vacation area that was up north. Then we were crossing the bridge, it felt like forever to get across, this was because of all the cars crossing.I could see and hear the water falling from the top of the cliff. We were almost there, The water sounded so refreshing I wanted to go near and touch the water. So we went to the hotel to unload everything. After we unloaded everything I could not wait I was about to barrage . Then my mom said “why don’t we go see the falls!” So we walked to the falls, I could feel all the water splash on me, then we started taking pictures of us near the…show more content…
For instance the lions, monkeys, antelope, lammas,... They were all out of there cages, but you had to stay in your cars. When some cars were ahead we saw them feeding the monkeys , the monkeys were chasing the car for the food in there hands hand and jumped and grabbed it for him. When we were in the forest zone my dad pretended to have food and my dad got a kiss from a deer. Once that was over we went to the end of the forest area, and then all the lammas started walking towards the car, so we moved then they started to follow us, this was probably because they were hungry for the food that we had. After we saw all the animals we went to go see all the gardens, and farm animals. The funny thing about seeing the farm animals was that they were always fighting boom boom boom boom! The goats were fighting, banging their horns really hard, hard enough that I could hear the sound of the horns crack together.

The next day we went to see the most famous and beautiful castle, castle lama. Once we arrived It was like an actual castle, which it was. The person who made this castle must have been really rich to afford this big of a castle. Once we went inside there were a bunch of jewelry and gold everywhere on display, There were also some big paintings. In every room there was a very old bed and some furniture. The surprising thing about this trip was that i the castle there was a gift shop there where you can buy models of the castle,

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