Stay In There-No Matter What Comes Your Way Analysis

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Most of the time life can be so unexpected but there is something we know for sure, change is the only constant thing in this world. Changes happen constantly physical changes, career changes, health changes. But I believe that there are some changes that can affect us more than others, changes that affect us mentally and emotionally brining stress into our lives that could affect us even more. In the following paragraphs I will describe the main points of two articles. One article describe how to cope with unexpected changes and the other how life events can cause a high amount of stress that could cause illness. In the article “Can You Cope? How to Hang in There--No Matter What Comes Your Way”, Brass shows some correlations in health to live events and changes. Some major life events or sudden…show more content…
It is very important to learn how to deal with stress so it doesn’t kill us. Woman and men tend to deal with stress a lot different. Woman usually engage in and tend and befriend pattern which is when they seek social alliances with others, especially female friends. Men face stress in a different manner, they respond in a flight or fight manner, and they start being aggressive, withdrawing from social contact, or drinking alcohol (Santrock, 2015). In the article “Sleep, Stress and Health” it explains that people react to stress in many different ways. There are many factors that influenced the susceptibility to stress and they are genetic vulnerability, coping style, type of personality and social support. It also states that stress causes early aging, fatigue, and burnout (Mullan, 2014). One of the main points of this article is that there is a correlation between stress, sleep and health and because of this correlation sleep needs to be improved. People need at least eight hours of sleep every night because sleep will reboot a person’s immune system and improve their health (Mullan,
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