Stay Out of Our Lives!

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December 1, 2012 Stay Out of Our Lives! Why is it that when gods and goddesses have affairs with us mere mortals and nymphs it leads to our tragedies! There are so many stories about a god or goddess falling for a mortal or nymph and then another god or goddess gets jealous or interferes with them and then the poor mortal gets cursed or gets ditched! But out of all these stories none are more tragic then the ones where Zeus cheats on his wife Hera, who then out of jealousy curses the poor women! Hera is known for being revengeful on those who interfere with her marriage to Zeus. But what she doesn’t see is that most of the time the poor girl was just a victim. Unless you’re Echo; she did deserve her punishment, and you will see why.…show more content…
Now if Narcissus had just let Echo explain by writing it down or something then they could have fallen in love, gotten married, and so on. And Narcissus wouldn’t have refused Echo because she would have been able to talk to him and get to know him. Echo would have been able to talk if Hera hadn’t cursed her. And Hera wouldn’t have cursed her if Zeus had just been faithful! In another version of this story Echo was still the beautiful nymph with an amazing voice. She lived deep in the woods and, denied the love of any mortal or god. She attracted the god, Pan, but, who she turned down like all the others. Pan was so angry he sent his shepherds to kill Echo by tearing her apart and spreading her pieces far, and wide. Gaea received the pieces and scattered them so Echo’s voice, and talents, could be heard everywhere (Pontikis). Now it’s a different version of the story but it’s the same thing Pan messed with Echo’s life, and because of that it all ended in her doom. So as I’ve been saying over, and over again, if those selfish gods would just stay out of our love lives then none of this would have ever happened. Half of the Greek tragedy stories would have never existed. Now this story also tells us other things about the Greek myths for many of the gods judge our moral actions like Hera does. Narcissus being turned into a flower is an example of Greek myths explaining how things came
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