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Humanity within Techno-utopia Dinesh D’Souza, the author of Staying Human, is originally from Bombay, India. In 1983, he earned his Bachelor’s degree from Dartsworth College. D’Souza is known as a leading conservative thinker, who wrote for numerous magazines, notably the National Review (McGraw-Hill 816). Dinesh D’Souza has generalized Staying Human to inform as well as voice his opinions about the rapidly changing inventions among the human race today, which serves as a rational project to human life in its entirety. D’Souza aimed to point out the specifics in racism and cultural relativism. The title alone gives lead way to the topic about continuing humanity. Lee Silver, the biologist, states, that the modern technological…show more content…
D’Souza also disagrees with Silver stating that “problem arises when people seek to use enhancement technologies to shape the destiny of others, and especially their children.” This represents a fundamental attack on the value of human life and the core principal of America. (821) The American Founders aimed to take human nature for what it was, as something less elevated and constructing a government characterized for limited power. They questioned the legitimacy of every existing government and even questioned their own practices, such as slavery. Abraham Lincoln and the tragedy of the Civil War compelled the enforcement of the Declaration of Independence. It is a restoration of the principle underlying slavery and the argument of human enslavement between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas. Lincoln said that slavery is founded in the selfishness of man’s nature-opposition to it, in his love of justice. Self interest by itself is too base a foundation for America. Selfishness is part of our nature, but it is not the best part. From Lincoln’s position, our children are not really ours; we do not own them but we own ourselves. (821-822) Parents are entrusted with their children and raise them the best they know how, even as the children follow their own path in life. The American culture encourages youth to make the transition to independency, to find

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