Staying In Poverty: A Glamorized Social Class

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Staying in Poverty

Poverty; the state of being exceptionally poor. Also, a glamorized social class. Yes, it may sound as if I am being sarcastic; except, it is somewhat a big part of the truth. The glamorization of the poor, which is in specific movies, has invited others to transform their living from a good state to a lower state. Several families comprehend these movies and feel as for example; maybe they would prefer to be living in addition to being around people in the poor life. They believe that the only way to happiness is living critically, which in most cases with families who are poor, they incline to suffer extra than those who happen to be wealthy, nevertheless media, movies together with books portray money to be wicked; moreover
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The miscommunication some citizens may have is that those living in poverty have joyful lives without the money. I would much rather critique the fact they speak so highly of the poor as if they were willing to trade places instantly. How many people in poverty do you hear repetitively explaining to the upper classes that they indeed adore being hungry, having constant illnesses as well as not being able to provide the necessities of what their family needs? I can’t quite put my finger on it, yet I have not heard any realistic person mention this; I can state that they do…show more content…
Often they are led to depression, excessive anger as well as the destruction from an early age, which is their way of coping with poverty. This brings me to mention the economic recessions their families have with job losses that are very well associated with violence. This brings me back to glamorization; I definitely agree with street violence being ‘okay’ and ‘entertaining’.

There are only 15.1 percent, just a little over 46 million, Americans without homes. Poverty can lead our country to be a major cause of the social tensions we have today; it deprives us of being a strong, united nation. One day, when America and our citizens bring our foolishness to a halt, we may see the shine of a country with less crime, more jobs and financial success for
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