Staying Mentally Fit is Just as Important as Exercise and Diet

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When you think of living healthy the first thing you probably think of is eating healthy and exercise. That is very true and is extremely important in healthy living, but there is also one factor you probably didn’t think about. That is mental health. Mental health is keeping your mind in shape. I want to talk about some disorders that coincide with mental instability and how to stay mentally fit.

The first example of mental instability is eating disorders. The main two eating disorders and anorexia and bulimia. Anorexia is when the person literally starves themselves to death or causing them to lose a life-threatening amount of weight. Anorexia usually occurs in females and causes serious medical complications such as, slowed heart
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Without treatment depression only gets worse and more frequent. Symptoms of depression involves some combination of the following symptoms: depressed mood (sadness), poor concentration, insomnia, fatigue, appetite disturbances, excessive guilt and thoughts of suicide. As many as 8 out of 10,000 teens committed suicide in 2000. Think about that. All of those teens ending their life on earth because they felt incompetent. Like their lives didn’t have a purpose. Like people, even their closest family members wouldn't even care if they died.Thankfully you can help. Simple things like compliments on how their skirt is one of a kind or how cool their new shoes are.

On a lighter note I want to talk about ways that you can keep your mind healthy. You can devise a way to use new words that you learned. (ohh! Vocab word!)You can start playing puzzles like sudoku and jumbles in the paper. They may sound boring and like a waste of time but they are actually extremely fun and slightly addicting. Even though most people would say that videogames are a waste of time they are actually proven to fight alzheimer's. You can also read. I know, sounds boring too. I have a friend who would say “Reading is dumb. Go make your own story.” This is true we should make our own story but reading will inspire us to do so.

So in conclusion. Say something nice, feel good about yourself, and stimulate your mind, body, and soul and always
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