Essay on Staying at My New House

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The building appeared daunting. Cold, grey, stone walls towered before me to a roof of gables and tall chimneys. The dank, green, lifeless ivy swept across the walls. Clumps of withered plants straggled along the path, everything was grey or black or dull, shrivelled brown. I made my way cautiously to the front door. I unlocked the large, creaking door and stepped into the chilly hall. The house had a cave-like smell of mould. For some unknown reason a feeling of dread gripped the pit of my stomach. Only a few weeks ago I learned that I had inherited a country house from a distant relative and the keys had been handed to me that morning. I continued down the hallway into the kitchen which was at the end of the corridor.…show more content…
They were rolling towards me like a group of stampeding horses. A sudden heavy feeling of weariness came over me. I went back into the hallway and switched on the light, pushing back the gathering darkness. By the time I climbed into my new bed that night I felt desperately tired and was sure I would sleep well, but instead my night was filled with strange, vague dreams and I woke with a start. For a few moments I lay quietly wondering what had disturbed me. Then suddenly I heard a sound. Perhaps it was just the rustle of a breeze and yet it seemed to be in the room, not outside. Someone was breathing close by. My skin began to crawl. A thick, suffocating sense of terror began to rise in me. My heart was thumping like a hammer against my ribs. Someone was in the room with me. I took several deep breaths to try and calm myself. I climbed out of bed and made my way cautiously across the room. The door was definitely closed. The handle turned easily and silently. The hinges did not squeak so maybe someone had crept in without waking me. They could also have hurried out. I quickly pulled open the door and looked out onto the landing. It was empty. Everything was still. I tiptoed down the corridor. A flicker of movement caught my eye. I spun round. I glimpsed a vague shape at the end of the passage. It was dressed in something long and white and flimsy. A wave of icy coldness washed over me. With

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