Stds : A Universal Experience

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STDs: A Universal Experience***
Give background/facts of STDs. “These findings are helpful for understanding chronic pain patients and the challenges they face, but why is teaching important for this group? Patients facing these hardships feel a lack of control over their lives, and have reduced self-confidence. This increases the risk that chronic patients will not adhere to treatment protocols and will have reduced ability and desire to self-manage care (Barrie, 2010). During a teaching session, the nurse is able to provide nonjudgmental and respectful support. It is an opportunity to honestly discuss the importance of compliance, risks and adverse effects associated with that treatment, and to provide information about pain relief
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Young people are at greater risk of getting an STD for several reasons: Young women’s bodies are biologically more susceptible to STDs. Some young people do not get the recommended STD tests. Many young people are hesitant to talk openly and honestly with a doctor or nurse about their sex lives. Not having insurance or transportation can make it more difficult for young people to access STD testing. Some young people have more than one sex partner.
An estimated 250,000 young Americans are unaware they are infected with HIV (p. 7). The 2013 Alabama Youth Risk Behavior Survey indicates among high school students: 50% have had sexual intercourse, 7% had intercourse for the first time before age 13, 49% did not use a condom during last sexual intercourse, 14% did not use any method to prevent pregnancy during last sexual intercourse (p. 7).
Target Audience
STDs can effects anyone.. Who does it affect the most? Why would they need this education? High school boys aged 14-18 Primary STD prevention relies on fi ve key strategies: practicing abstinence, choosing low-risk partners, discussing partners’ sexual history, using condoms consistently and not having multiple partners. Few studies have examined all of these strategies simultaneously, and few have focused on rural black adolescents, whose rates of early sexual initiation and STDs are among the highest in the nation. (p.
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