Stealing Buddha 's Dinner By Bich

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Being ethnically and religiously different in any place creates many different barriers and struggles to a person. In Stealing Buddha’s Dinner, Bich comes from a Buddhist family who emigrated from Vietnam to the United States. Torn between being Vietnamese and her desire to become American, she became confounded of what she really wanted to become. The city of Grand Rapids, Michigan where her family decided to move, was populated with mostly white Christians. Her ethnicity and religion made her different from students at her school which created obstacles in trying to fit in and become American. Being Ethnicity and religion different brings challenges to people like Bich. Throughout the book, Bich chooses to explain how she admired American identity, but at the same time challenged their religious beliefs and embraced the variety of cultures.
Stealing Buddha’s Dinner reveals the difficulties of being an ethnic minority in the United States. She constantly reveals her identity resembling that of an outcast or outsider. Bich narrates how she suffered from not being able to fit in with the girls at Ken O Sha, her school. She had trouble adjusting to the different customs of America and seemed to be forgetting her Vietnamese roots also. In addition to attempting to adjust to her new American way of life, she also had trouble adjusting to her stepmother Rosa’s culture. It was difficult for Bich to assimilate that she was part of Vietnamese, American, and Mexican culture. She

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