Stealing Staff : Common Practice Through Business

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Stealing staff, poaching people is common practice through business. The reasons may be to win work, get talent, cause damage, and improve ones situation. In the practice of poaching, there are many issues regarding the parties involved: is it the employee’s right to accept an offer from a competitor, does the employer have the right to offer? The consequences of such an act can be advantageous or disastrous. Are those involved breaching any agreements? What does this say about the character of those involved in such a practice? The situation been the company is a franchisor, and there are two franchises involved, each separately owned. The first having myself as an employee at Franchise A, and the second Franchise B having lost a team…show more content…
Both the employer and employee have rights in this situation. The employee has the right to change jobs; the employer has the right to hire whoever they want. Both parties are also responsible to honour any contracts, as well as any rules set down by the franchisor. This is where an overlap of the two ethical theories deontology and contractualism happens. The overlap comes into play because both parties are responsible for the shared agreement, which in this case would be the employee’s contract with his existing employer, and the contract/rules set down by the franchisor. The employee has a shared agreement that he will work for the employee and undertake such work to the best of their ability, and the employer has agreed to pay for such services. As no such agreement is in place to prevent the employee from changing jobs nor any clauses stating they must not work in this industry for a period there is no breach of contract. It is usual practice between businesses that “poaching” a competitor‘s employees violates an unwritten rule of business and may be unethical. This could be stated, as been a shared agreement between the two franchises. The consequences in this situation could be that the ends justify the means. This could be argued, as the employer believes that what he is doing is morally correct and that his goal is important enough, so his method of doing so would be acceptable. By the same token the employee is
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