Stealing Staff : Common Practice Through Business

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Stealing staff, poaching people is common practice through business. The reasons may be to win work, get talent, cause damage, and improve ones situation. In the practice of poaching, there are many issues regarding the parties involved: is it the employee’s right to accept an offer from a competitor, does the employer have the right to offer? The consequences of such an act can be advantageous or disastrous. Are those involved breaching any agreements? What does this say about the character of those involved in such a practice?

The situation been the company is a franchisor, and there are two franchises involved, each separately owned. The first having myself as an employee at Franchise A, and the second Franchise B having lost a team member and struggling for 3 months to find a replacement. The two franchises have a working relationship, and help each other out when issues arise. One such issue arose and I found myself at the other Franchise B, and the owner was hinting he would like to employ myself. After some weeks of thought, I approached the owner of the Franchise B and said that I was interested in applying for the position of Production Manager, which was a step up in my career from Prepress Operator/Graphic Designer. After some negotiating, I then handed my resignation to my current employer Franchise A, and he in turn got the franchisor involved to make sure the was no breach within the franchise rules. There was no breach found within the rules, and I started…
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