Stealing from the Rich

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Not the best night for a break-in, but we were pressed for time. The gambling debts my brother and I had racked up were steep and we had already drunk and whored away the small fortune we had earned from our last job.

In Shazhada outstanding debts could result in the debtor being sold on the slave block. My brother and I would fetch a high price since we were young, strong, and skilled in a variety of areas that would make us extremely valuable to the sort of people who need something stolen or someone killed. Once you are sold on the block, you lose your ability to say “no” to such assignments. Well, you can still say “no” if you don’t mind that being the last word you ever say.

Independence was very important to us, hence tonight’s outing. We slipped silently down a side street then turned a corner into a narrow alley stopping in the shadows at the other end. Opposite us, a large manor house rose up, two stories of sun-baked brick painted a lustrous, verdant green. The upper floor held two wide, deep windows while the ground floor was bare except for a single recessed doorway in the center. Two large men stood guard, flanking the door, moonlight glinting off their spears. The house was bordered on all sides by a tall, thick hedge with a wide gap in the front where a brick path led from the street to the steps.…
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