Stealth Marketing

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Marketing Essay
Omar Taha
Commerce Stage 2
Group 5
Lecturer: Ambreen Bashir

Topic: After buzz marketing, stealth marketing is the latest marketing communications craze. You are the General Manager of a new entrant in the mobile phone network market, competing with the likes of O2, Vodafone, Meteor and 3. Like these competitors, you see your main target market among young, highly marketing literate consumers. Your marketing manager has mentioned stealth marketing as a possible way of increasing market share but you are not convinced that this is an ethically sound approach to marketing communications. Please write a report to your board of management presenting the possibility of a stealth marketing campaign, but also your
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For example, take how Sony Ericsson used stealth marketing in promoting their then new phone, the T68i . They paid people to carry the phone in tourist attractions and have the simple task of asking, “Hey, excuse me, would you mind taking a picture of us?” to “fellow tourists.” Then out of a simple deception, the undercover salesman is telling the tourist about all the new and exciting this phone can do. Another way in which stealth marketing can be carried out is through celebrity or well known figures. Company pays them money to just appear using or talking about their products indirectly so that others do not know they are working for the company. A person then sees these products as the way to go, thinking if so and so is using this, then it must be a good product, not knowing that so and so is only using the product because he is being paid.

Target Market Having discussed what stealth marketing is, we can move on to define what our main target market is. A target market is the market segment to which a particular product is marketed to. Of course we will offer service to any customer who is willing to pay, but our main marketing focus is on the section that we feel if we concentrate the most on, then that will result in the highest profits. Like most of our competitors, we feel that targeting the young literate consumers is the wisest. This age group starts from the
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