'Stealth Starbucks': An Article on the Brainstorming Conference

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The AI brainstorming conference article 'Stealth' Starbucks Despite or because of its ubiquity in nearly every city in America, Starbucks is currently facing an existential crisis. On one hand, it began as a relatively democratic company, with a green image. All Starbucks workers, even part-time employees receive benefits. Starbucks brought the coffeehouse experience of Europe to the United States in an accessible manner. However, its success, relatively high prices, and market-saturation strategy has provoked hostility in the young, hip, urban (or urban-identified) demographic that makes up the core of its consumer base. To alleviate this image problem, Starbucks has undertaken a number of reforms, including a much-publicized retraining day for its baristas to ensure that its coffee is once again of high quality. Another, unique strategy is to go against what fast food companies normally do to attract business. It is creating 'stealth' stores, such as the Starbucks being constructed in Macy's in Manhattan. This Starbucks is denuded of all branding that is identifiably Starbucks, including the trademark green mermaid. For jaded New Yorkers, this approach seems ideal New Yorkers do not want to be seen clutching a Starbucks trademark coffee cup, after all, but the stealth Starbucks' proximity to retail shopping might make it tempting to grab a cup. Starbucks insists that this 'stealth' approach will only be adopted in this particular New York City location. According to

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