Steampunk Analysis

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Steampunk is an increasingly popular buzzword in the cultures of art, literature, and fashion. With more and more people jumping on the Steampunk aesthetic bandwagon, imitations of these cultures can sprout in the hopes of easy money and can eventually tarnish the appeal of the newly growing style. While a great, many things are considered Steampunk, analysis of many of these objects might suggest that they are not actually Steampunk. Even if an object follows the Steampunk aesthetic, it is possible that some of the values of Steampunk culture are questioned. Values like individualism, diverse influences, and self-expression. Joben Bistro, in Cluj- Napoca, Romania, advertises itself as a Steampunk bar and bistro. As one can easily deduce, this establishment achieves its goal of creating a unique experience through its use of aesthetic, rhetoric, design, and materials as seen from the logo to the layout and everywhere in between. The Steampunk aesthetic draws its ideas from the Victorian period, which has a very distinct style and design. This place in history is around the time of many great advances in technology, particularly steam technology. As G.D. Falksen puts it in his work “Steampunk 101,” “Steam more generally signifies a world in which steam technology is both dominant and prolific” (Falksen 31). The Steampunk aesthetic includes many steam based machines that had just become very accessible to the average population just as in the Victorian era. Not only does the
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