Stear's Definition of Tourism

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In Stear’s definition of tourism it states that for tourism is undertaken with the major expectation of satisfying leisure needs. The definition from the World Tourism Organization outlines that motives for such travel maybe (1) leisure (recreational, holidays, health, studies, religion, sports); (2) business, family, mission and meeting, from this definition it is evident that there are various travel purposes of a tourist, these include; Leisure and recreation, business, visiting friends and relatives, sport, health, spirituality and study. Leisure and recreation tourism is the stereotypical view of tourism; it includes terms such as vacation, holiday, pleasure, rest and relaxation. It the only travel purpose that Stear’s definition addresses, that is ‘satisfying leisure needs’.
The majority of visiting friends and relatives is domestic tourism, even though it is the second major travel purpose. ‘Business travel is a form of tourism only if the traveller is not paid by a source based in the destination’ it includes MICE, that is meetings, incentive travel, conventions and exhibitions, but not all of these are categorized as tourism related as meetings and conventions can be categorized as non-business social activities. Sport travel purposes include the travel and…

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