Steel Industry in Thailand

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Steel Industry in Thailand has various type of product. In this report, we mainly focus in “Metal Sheet 0r Roof” industry. There are 4 companies that we have chosen which are Permsin Steel Work Co. Ltd., Munkong Steel Company, Thai Syncon and Supplies Co. Ltd. and SV Metal World Company. We have got a high cooperation from these 4 interviewed companies. “Roof Steel” industry has high in competitive atmosphere due to the low of competitive rivalry. There are 3 levels that can measure the size of each company and the position in the market 1. Revenue more than 1,000-2,000 million Baht about 3-5 companies 2. Revenue around 100-600 million Baht about 10 companies 3. Revenue less than 100 million Baht and…show more content…
They have a lot of existing customers that trust with their company. Service – Free transportation for customers who order the company product that no other competitors do like this. Less complex management because they rent inventory and reduce cost for company. Weaknesses Fewer product lines when compares with big competitors so it may cause risk to company because they concentrate only color metal sheet and in engineering field. It is a new company in this industry so, it hard to fight with big competitors that have a lot of budget to expand or promote itself also hard to gain trust from new customers to buy their product. It doesn’t provide a one stop service for customers like other big competitors e.g. interior or exterior design, find supplier for construction and etc. No high technological machine. Lack of efficiency workers Permsin Steel Company Profile1 {draw:rect} Our vision To provide the best quality steel products, technical assistance, friendly and timeliness service, to our customer To improve the efficiency of our staff, operational system and dedication in both quality and customer service. To complied with the ISO 9001 version 2008 standard. Product
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