Steel Structure Construction

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Chapter 1:
The materials that usually used for construction such as reinforced concrete, timber, brick, and also steel. In Malaysia, the steel has been used especially for the construction of electric tower, industrial building (factory), roof truss, bridge and more. However, the usage of steel for residential is limited because their usage depends on the accompany with the other material. Steel framed structures are designed with the connections between the separate members treated as either non-rigid or fully rigid joints. The frame consists of horizontal beams in both direction and vertical columns called stanchions, usually all standard rolled sections of various sizes, joined together by welding or by bolts with
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The erection of the steel is carried out by skilled labour. In-situ cast concrete structures all work, except possibly the cutting and bending of reinforcement is carried out on the site, the erection of formwork and placing of reinforcement by skilled and unskilled labour and usually the making and placing concrete by semi-skilled or unskilled labour. Much site space is needed for the storage and mixing of materials, although in some districts this problems can be overcome when the site is restricted in area by the use of ‘truck-mixed concrete’. The type of formwork used, the nature and size of building will have an effect upon the actual method of work and the speed at which it progresses.

3.1.2 Cost and speed of erection Reinforced concrete is likely cheaper in cost but in-situ, generally longer in construction than steel although construction can be rapid with a disciplined design approach, careful and detailed and planning of the site work, good site organization and properly trained operatives and good supervision. To some extent cost and speed of erection are dependent upon the availability of materials and labour. On expensive sites speed of erection to permit early occupation of the completed building is a most important consideration and is sometimes the decisive factor in the choice of the framing material. In
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