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I have chosen to do this project on Steers because while I was researching franchises in South Africa Steers particularly stood out to me. I was drawn to wanting to find out their background story as well as I wanted to learn more about their CSR commitments because I had never heard about them before. I wanted to gain a further understanding of why they chose to support such CSR initiatives and I can confidently state that my knowledge has defiantly grown after researching all that I could about Steers.
I have collected all my data by using Google to find websites with the information that I’m looking for based on Steers. All my understanding on CSR comes from learning it in class and from my business studies notes on CSR.
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He got his steakhouse idea while on holiday in the United States in 1960, when he returned to South Africa he open South Africa’s first ‘Steers Steakhouse’ in Johannesburg.
‘Steers Steakhouse’ was renamed multiple time to ‘Golden Spur’, ‘Seven Steers’, ‘Branded Steers’ and ‘Longhorn Steers’, after all these names it finally was renamed to the name we know today ‘Steers’.
The first official Steers was opened in 1970 by George Halamandaris’s son, John Halamandaris. John later joined powers with four of his cousins, Panagiotis, Theofanis, Periklis and Charalambous.
During the early 1980s after the fourth Steers was open, they found that they were getting a lot of attention from Franchisees. Later on in the 1980s Steers launched a franchise program and have never failed to attract franchisees who want to buy in to Steers.
For 18 years running Steers has won the Leisure Options Award for the Best Burger and for 14 years running they have won an award for Best Chips.
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