Steganography Is The Most Effective And Fastest Media For Communication

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In this modern era, the computer and internet have becomes the most effective and fastest media for communication that connect different parts of the global world. As a result, people can easily exchange information and share information with the others via the internet. However, the information security requires the confidential data that needs to be protected from the unauthorized users. Steganography is one of the methods used for the secure transmission of confidential information. It can provide a high level of security to secure the important data during combined with encryption. Steganography is a Greek origin word that means stegos meaning cover and grafia to which classified as cover writing. Steganography is hiding a secret message into other information such as sound, image and video. It is also known as invisible communication. In addition, steganography is related to two technologies which are watermarking and fingerprinting. Both these technologies provide the same goals which are mainly used for intellectual property protection.Thus, both are different in algorithm requirements. Watermarking provides a hidden copyright protection by owner whereas the fingerprinting used a copy of the carrier object and make it as unique to the different customer. Besides, image steganography is a collection of numbers that hide information or message inside the image. In this image hidden method, the pixels of the image are changed to hide the secret data and invisible to

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