Steganography, The Most Efficient Part Of Steganography

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Nowadays, the use of the Internet is almost inevitable, as the use of Internet continually increases providing information security is also very key important. One of the reasons cyber attacks are successful is because the information acquired from the systems are usually readable/unencrypted, attackers can access. This is where information hiding becomes necessary; it 's a branch of computer science that deals with concealing the existence of a message. There are four primary sub-disciplines of information hiding in an undetectable and/or irremovable especially in audio and data
i. Steganography ii. Watermarking iii. Covert Channels iv. Anonymity *Figure 1: Methods of Information Hiding
For the purpose of this paper, I will be focusing on Steganography, which I believe is the most efficient part of steganography. Unlike other Information hiding methods where the encryption is usually detectable, steganography takes it further by hiding the message within mediums like images, main it almost impossible to detect. The purpose of this paper is to explain Steganography, how it works compared to other methods and show methods of application and types of steganography.
Steganography is the art of communicating in such a way that the presence of a message cannot be detected; simply put “covered writing”. The message is out in plain sight but Steganography hides the existence of a secret message and in the best case nobody can see that both
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