Steganography Vs. Digital Images

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Steganography has been around since 1980’s. Various tools and software’s are available for Steganography as well as Steganalysis. The most common form of steganography is on digital images. For digital images there exist many steganographic techniques and furthermore there exist a lot of approaches to detect steganography in digital images. In this paper we will be looking at many tools comprising from various digital domains but we fund that almost all of the tools had support for image files. With the increasing number of new steganographic algorithms and methods for detecting steganography, the issue of comparing security of steganographic schemes in a fair manner is of the most importance. A fair benchmark for steganography should only…show more content…
These methods hide messages in significant areas of the cover-image, which make them more robust to attack and difficult to detect. Transformations can be applied over the entire image, to block through out the image, or other variants. Another common approach is to distinguish based on file extension supported: 1. Image steganography Image steganography has gotten more popular press in recent years than other kinds of steganography, possibly because of the massive use of electronic image information available with the advent of digital cameras and high-speed Internet distribution. Image steganography often involves hiding information in the naturally occurring noise within the image and provides a good artwork for such techniques. Most kinds of information contain some kind of noise. Noise can be described as unwanted distortion of information within the signal. Within an audio signal, the concept of noise is obvious. For images, however, noise generally refers to the imperfections inherent in the process of rendering an analog picture as a digital image. For example, the values of colors in the palette for a digital image will not only be the exact colors in the real image and the distribution of these colors will be also be imperfect. The greater the number of bits used to

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