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This is a question and answer discussion on Steinway Pianos. Discussed will be how the Steinway Piano company set up their system, smaller subsystems and how they use the systems perspective of input, transformation and output. Behavioral and operations management will also be discussed along with the universal and contingency perspective.

Steinway Pianos
This discussion on Steinway Pianos will be highlighting their processes and how their subsystems and system work together to produce their high quality piano cases. Learn how inputs from their environment, the transformation process and outputs into the environment affect their organization’s system perspective. Discuss the similarities between
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The cost of a Steinway Piano is “somewhere between $45,000 and $110,000 (Griffin, 2012, p.29). In order to get the best sound they buy the best materials. For example, they use Eastern Rock Maple for their cases. Then to have someone manufacture and assemble their unique cases, the company requires highly skilled and trained case workers to manufacture them. The name Steinway Piano is brand recognition, they are known for their how well they manufacture their pianos and their cases. “That’s one of the reasons why Steinway craftsman put so much care into the construction of the piano cases: It’s a major factor in the way the body of the instrument resonates (Griffin, 2012, p. 30). Steinway cannot produce such a high quality piano without its well working subsystems. If any inadequacies in Steinway’s subsystems were to exist they would not be able to produce quality pianos in a timely manner. The subsystem for the construction of their cases involves materials, labor and assembly. “The Steinway process also puts a premium on skilled workers” (Griffin, 2012, p.30) If there is a case maker out or on leave, finding a replacement can be difficult because it can take as much as a year to train (Griffin, 2012). If there is a delay in finding a qualified replacement then production suffers and the department falls behind schedule and then they cannot produce as many pianos as planned in a certain amount of time. There is no room for error with the Eastern Rock Maple wood they

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