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Steinway Strategic Orientation The main changes in the environment and the Steinway organization since 2002 still involve the economy. Steinway doesn’t operate like a typical organization. The culture of Steinway’s brand is based on tradition and quality of craftsmanship. When many companies were discounting items to entice consumers in a bad economy, Steinway stood by the price of their pianos and their name (Miller, 2010) Steinway never discounts, according to financial writer Nancy Miller, “That's part of the pianos' prestige”. Steinway even laid off one third of their production staff in a New York City adjacent factory (Miller, 2010). Miller also states, Inventory control is only part of Steinway's pricing power. Steinway…show more content…
2012. December, 27). According to industry experts the aforementioned economic environmental impacts could easily be remedied if Steinway would follow the lead of their competitors, in terms of manufacturing. Along with never discounting, that’s another area the handcrafted piano company won’t budge on. Steinway won’t use machines to build their brand. Many of the articles I looked at targeted their manufacturing process as the main downfall for the company. I don’t think the model used in 5.1 application was the completely the correct model. The organization level model for diagnosing would be the obvious go to for model for an OD working with Steinway, but based on the conclusion, I think the group level model’s design components would have also been beneficial. Personally, I believe I would have a very difficult time working as an OD practitioner for Steinway. I understand the importance behind the models and using them appropriately, but there would be no helping me with this one. Honestly, working in the luxury market in general must be an exceedingly difficult task in organizational development. The articles I found doing research really gave me a new perspective about organizations in the luxury market. The main conclusions drawn in the diagnosis in the 5.1 application is increasing Steinway’s clarity about strategy and increasing that integration coordination of its structure. Steinway also needs

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