Stele Of Iku And Mer Imat

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Shelby Whitley Mrs. Kalil AP Art History/ D November 24, 2015 The Stele of Iku and Mer-Imat Looking at the Stele of Iku and Mer-imat causes some questions to arise. Which class did the man and woman on the stele fall in? Was it made during the time of the Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, or New Kingdom? Did the two love each other? We can answer or infer the answers to the questions by finding out more about the work. The Old Kingdom lasted from about 2686-2055 BCE and this piece was made by about 2100 BCE, which explains why the polychrome on the limestone has faded so much and the edges are chipped and damaged very badly. The man and the woman were probably in the upper class, seeing as they could afford to have a funerary stele made of them and they are painted wearing expensive outfits. As for whether or not the two were in love, it is obvious that they cared for each other deeply. The woman, Mer-imat, outstretches her arm and wraps it around his upper body, placing it on his shoulder. She is facing in his direction, ready to follow him wherever he may venture. Although he is not caressing her or even looking at her, he wanted her to be shown in the stele with him. In fact, it was very common for Egyptian men to have their arms to their sides, balling their hands in to fists to hold pegs. He is just showing his power, and the whole work is very similar to the statue of King Menkaure and his Queen. The two pieces, which are both from the Old Kingdom, show a wife holding her

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