Stella Mccartney's Brand Identity

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Moreover, Stella McCartney provides massive information about its brand thus maintaining the brand identity and image to build brand communication between brand and customer. Not only express it self but also exactly consider about what customer will perceived from the brand (See Figure 2).

According to Keller (2012) state that brand identity and image as two key vital tools to manage brands effectively, Furthermore, as shown Figure 2, Brand identity at the sender side, to deliver such as brand meaning, aim. Also, it exist the other source: firstly, company might consider the mimicry situation and marketing area; second, Stella create hers company exactly based on hers lifelong vegetarian faith. Message side shows the nature factors of brand, the product Stella mainly provide, target markets, stores located and the communication with customers Like Stella target their customer as 20-50 years old people with higher income; Good fashion awareness; prefer design and high quality clothing; Eco-friendly, conscious women (Drexler, 2014). In this process, it exist competition such as Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood which has similar sustaining operation background (Cronin, 2014). At final stage, brand image as Receiver side, customer receive Stella particular image. For instance, Point-of-Difference (POD’S) attribute stand out Eco-fashion, vegetarian image, environmentally and sustainability conscious (Stella McCartney, 2015).
Therefore, clearly brand image and identity

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