Stella Young Paraplegia

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Introduction “Disabilities exist not because of a wheelchair, but because the broader environment isn't accessible.” Stella Young. A disability is an impairment to a person’s body that affects their mobility ability to learn things, or ability to communicate easily and some people may have more than one. There are different types of disabilities and some result in the person to end up in a wheelchair due to a mobility impairment. Paraplegia refers to a loss of function to the lower part of the body due to a spinal injury; amputation, arthritis, back disorder, cerebral palsy, stroke, neuromuscular disorders and fibromyalgia are other examples of impairments that may result in a need of a wheelchair. ("Quadriplegia - Brain and Spinal Cord", 2016)…show more content…
(User, 2016) The main factors that result in paraplegia are motor vehicle accidents, trauma, falls, degeneration and osteoporosis. The consequences because of injuries can impact the individual for their whole lives. Many people are engaged in drinking activities, thus many of them drink drive which leads to road accidents. Especially in youth their risk-taking nature results in the sustaining injuries which can lead to become wheelchair bound. In young people aged between 15 to 24 years’ injury is the leading cause of death and disability. (User, 2016) Youth aged 15-19 years are at most risk of sustaining traumatic brain injury (TBI); the rate being 399 per 100,000 in relation to 189 per 100,000 for the whole community. (User, 2016) According to AIHW 2012 the risk of sustaining TBI on the road is due to speeding, under influence of alcohol or drugs and fatigue driving. (User, 2016) Young drivers worldwide under 25 400,000 people die every year and many others sustain life threatening…show more content…
In Australia drinking is part of the vast culture and many risk-taking youths end up driving in an impaired state of mind. Drink driving youth between the ages of 17 and 24 years’ account for more than 33% of all road accidents. ("Mates Motel", 2016) Especially male youth are the most likely to drink drive accounting for 9 in 10 of all fatal accidents. ("Mates Motel", 2016) There are many campaigns aimed at drink driving but mates’ motel campaign is aimed at showing an alternative to drink driving. The campaign launched in December 2014 aims to encourage people to stay at their mate’s house than to drink drive. The campaign compromises of television commercials aimed at hosts and guests, billboards, radio and online interactivity. ("Mates Motel", 2016) Another campaign aimed at reducing drink driving is the Plan B campaign which is mainly aimed at people from the ages of 17 to 24 years. ("Plan B - Campaigns", 2016) The campaign uses humorous and engaging approach to inform people about the dangers of drink driving and emphasises the number of random police breath tests. ("Plan B - Campaigns", 2016) The main campaign messages portraying the need to have a plan B to reduce road tolls. Research into the liability of the campaign has shown that 80% of youth the targeted audience think that the campaign has changed their perception. ("Plan B -
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